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  • Open
  • Quiet
  • Settled
  • Bird Sanctuary

North Shore Area Overview

North Shore has some modern homes along shore and some older cabins across the highway set into the forest. The shoreline runs along Stanfield Marsh, now set aside as a bird sanctuary.

  • Stanfield Marsh Bird (Baker Pond) Sanctuary
  • Forest setting
  • Quiet, away from it all
  • Lake without the boating activities

Natural Surroundings

Much of this area is defined by the Stanfield Marsh Bird Sanctuary (also known as Baker Pond) that runs along the shoreline to the south. The sanctuary has ducks, coots and shorebirds, such as the Great Blue Heron, year-round. In the spring and fall, residents can get an awesome view of large groups of white pelicans, Canada geese and other migrating birds that make Big Bear Lake a stopover between their northern nesting areas and the Salton Sea. It is also a great place to see turkey vultures, sometimes in large flocks, as well as bald eagles.

The North Shore area is forested with Jeffrey pine and juniper trees. It is a good place to view the wildlife that crosses through or passes over on its way to the nearby shoreline.

Home Facts

  • Some lakefront, modern homes, no docks. (There are no docks because boating and swimming are not allowed in the bird sanctuary; hiking and fishing along the shoreline is permitted.)
  • Older homes across highway from the lake.
  • Government lease cabins.
  • Pine tree RV park.

Things to Do

  • North Shore Elementary School
  • Mountaintop District Ranger Station
  • Stanfield Marsh and Bird Sanctuary
  • VCA Veterinary Hospital
  • San Bernardino County Animal Shelter
  • Fishing:
    • Along Stanfield Cutoff bridge
  • Hiking Trails:
    • Woodland Trail
  • Marinas:
    • Carol Morrison East Boat Launch
  • Church row:
    • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
    • St. Columbus Episcopal/Anglican Church
    • Lutheran Church

Historical Tidbits

  • The Stanfield Marsh Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary was established around 1998 by the Natural Heritage Foundation and Big Bear Lake Municipal Water District.
  • An island was built in the middle of the marsh in 2003 to give water fowl a coyote-free place to nest.



  • Big Bear Middle School
    • (Grades 7-8 )
    • 41275 Big Bear Blvd. / PO Box 1607
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 866-4634
  • Big Bear High School
    • (Grades 9-12 )
    • 351 Maple Lane / PO Box 1708
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-6892
  • Chautauqua High School (Continuation)
    • (Grades 9-12)
    • 525 Maple Lane / PO Box 1815
    • Sugarloaf, CA / Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-2521
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