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Area Overview

Except for near downtown, the whole area has mountainous terrain with narrow, windy roads. Combined with the unique, individualized home styles, it makes every street and neighborhood here quite different.

  • Lake, mountain and forest views
  • Totally unique homes of all shapes, styles and sizes interspersed throughout
  • Old-fashioned, rural downtown
  • Forest and homes merge together
  • Lots of terrain change
  • Set into natural surroundings
  • Natural Surroundings

The downtown area sits beside peaceful Grout Bay which is fed by major tributary Deer Creek. The roads all meander up from there. Mountain rugged terrain sets the stage for homes built on slopes and narrow, windy, sometimes steep roads. The beautiful sun melts the sometimes heavy winter snow in record time. Several tall peaks provide the natural backdrop—Gray’s Peak, Butler Peak and Bertha Peak.

The forest background provides habitat for wildlife from squirrels (including the San Bernardino flying squirrel), rabbits, coyotes, hawks and hummingbirds to beautiful manzanita bush and wildflowers of all colors. Many tall Jeffrey pine and other trees provide shade, animal habitat and a protective sense of nature overseeing the area.

Home Facts

  • Unique homes—all sizes, styles, shapes, prices, ages
  • Lake and mountain views

Things to Do

  • Butler Peak Fire Lookout
  • Hiking Trails:
    • Butler Peak Trail (and road)—off Rim of the World/3N14
    • Hanna Flat Trail—9 miles round trip—off the Gray’s Peak Trail
    • Grout Bay Bike Trail—up 3N14 toward Hanna Flat
  • Marinas:
    • Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina—pontoons, kayaks, canoes, fishing boats
  • Campgrounds:
    • U.S. Forest Service: 877-444-6777 or
    • Hanna Flats Campgrounds—on Rim of the World/3N14
  • Parks/Picnic Spots:
    • Dana Park (county)—picnic tables, lake view, lake access
    • Miller Park (county)—old school house (meeting hall, rentable for events), playground, basketball, tennis court, picnic area


Historical Tidbits

  • Since it was built in 1919, the Fawn Lodge, in small downtown Fawnskin, has been the largest building along the north shore of Big Bear Lake.



  • Electricity:
    • Bear Valley Electric
    • 42020 Garstin Dr
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • (909) 866-4678


  • Gas:
    • Southwest Gas Corporation
    • 40844 Big Bear Boulevard
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • (909) 866-4656


  • Water:
  • Some homes are on private wells


  • Telephone:
    • Verizon Communications
    • (800) 837-4966



  • Trash:
    • Big Bear Disposal
    • 909-866-3942
    • or County Transfer Station (residents receive County Disposal Use Permit)


  • North Shore Elementary School
    • (Grades K-6)
    • 765 N. Stanfield Cutoff / PO Box 1887
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 866-7501



  • Big Bear High School


  • Chautauqua High School (Continuation)
    • (Grades 9-12)
    • 525 Maple Lane / PO Box 1815
    • Sugarloaf, CA / Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-2521



The roads are somewhat illogically laid out, so it might be good to take a map on the back roads if you do not have a navigational system.

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