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Eagle Knoll Area Overview

This private gated community boasts large homes on nice sized lots, many with lakefront or lake views. The lawns are landscaped and the area is kept immaculate. All the homes have garages and no nighttime street parking is allowed. Views of the ski resorts or forested mountain slopes to the north provide a beautiful setting with the nearby lake.

  • Private gated community with separate entrance for contractors
  • Beautiful, modern, large homes
  • Immaculately clean and tidy neighborhood
  • Near to groceries and supplies
  • Sunny
  • Underground utilities keep the views open


Natural Surroundings

The area has some remaining pine trees, but primarily small relatively new trees of various types. The ski slopes to the south and the forested mountain slopes to the north add a nice touch to the lake views. The lake front offers the chance to watch shorebirds and water fowl, such as great blue herons, sea gulls, white pelicans, coots, and ducks of many varieties—mallards, wood ducks, grebes and mergansers. An occasional bald eagle may also be spotted over the lake.

The flat terrain makes wintering here easier in Eagle Knoll homes. With a setting near the lake and in the center of the valley, snowfall is moderate. And the bright sun here melts it in a relatively short time.

Home Facts

  • Gated, private community with separate entrance for contractors and a guest parking lot
  • Large, modern homes on nice sized lots


Things to Do

  • Nearby access to resources for home improvement—building supplies, furniture, gardening
  • Public lake access:
    • Stanfield Marsh Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary park just outside the east gates.


Historical Tidbits

  • The Stanfield Marsh Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary was established around 1998 by the Natural Heritage Foundation and Big Bear Lake Municipal Water District.
  • An island was built in the middle of the marsh in 2003 to give water fowl a coyote-free place to nest.

Call the Rahill Real Estate Group today to buy or sell Eagle Knoll Real Estate.


  • Electricity:
    • Bear Valley Electric
    • 42020 Garstin Dr
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • (909) 866-4678
    • www.bves.com


  • Gas:
    • Southwest Gas Corporation
    • 40844 Big Bear Boulevard
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • (909) 866-4656
    • www.swgas.com


  • Water:
    • Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power
    • 41972 Garstin Dr. / P.O. Box 10000
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • 909-866-5050
    • www.citybigbearlake.com/cityGovt/dwp


  • Telephone:
    • Verizon Communications
    • (800) 837-4966
    • www.verizon.com



  • Trash:
    • Big Bear Disposal
    • 909-866-3942



  • Big Bear Elementary School
    • (Grades K-6)
    • 40940 Pennsylvania Avenue/ PO Box 1627
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 866-4638
    • www.bigbear.k12.ca.us



  • Big Bear High School


  • Chautauqua High School (Continuation)
    • (Grades 9-12)
    • 525 Maple Lane / PO Box 1815
    • Sugarloaf, CA / Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-2521
    • www.bigbear.k12.ca.us/cths
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