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Pine Knot Dock Club – Bear Lake Central

Pine Knot Dock Club’s Overview

Office:(909) 866-6463
Fax: (909) 878-5750

Pine Knot Dock Club in Big Bear Lake

Pine view Dock Club

Pine View Dock Club is the very first “deeded dockominium” on the west coast! You can find the Dock Club at 400 Pine Knot Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315. A dockominium isn’t entirely different from a condominium beside the type of property that is owned.

In this club, every person owns a piece of the Dock Club and is allowed to do as they wish with their deed; rent it out, use the dock slips, sell it, or gift it to another person. The club is opened 365 days a year, and all owners have 24-hour access.

  • 24-hour monitoring system.
  • Members only bathrooms.
  • Access to a member only Dock Club website.

Each owner owns 1/650th of the Pine Knot Landing marina facility, bringing down the overall HOA fees down for each member by sharing the costs of maintenance and operation costs. At the time of writing this (September 2017), the amount per month is $39.42, and that is annually billed at $478.00. To be a member, owners don’t have to live full-time in Big Bear.

Pine Knot Dock Club’s Amenities

The Dock club has added special member only additions to help their owners feel more relaxed and ready for a day out on the lake! Members have a special entrance that only they can enter from, special parking passes, member only bathroom access codes, a special website, and access to the marina hardware store, service shop, and their own lock boxes.

Pine Knot Dock Club Guidelines

Pine Knot Dock Club in Big Bear Lake

Pine Knot Dock Club

You may be wondering if you can sleep on your boat and the answer is yes! Owners are allowed to sleep on their boat for 30 nights per season or seven consecutive nights in a row, but they have to inform the general manager beforehand. Only members can launch their boats from the Dock Club! The club has special department personnel that will launch owner’s boats for them at no additional costs. Boats can’t be longer than 26′ inches because the slips are 24′ inches but have wider fairways.

  • Owners can rent or lease out their slip.
  • The club has one of the three fueling facilities on the lake.
  • There are individual dock boxes for owners.
Pine View Dock Club in Big Bear Lake

Satilite view of Pine View Dock Club

When owners decide they want to rent or lease out their slip, they are required to have a liability insurance policy that covers up to $500,000.00, and the Dock Club has to be added as additionally insured.

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