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Boulder Creek Resort – Boulder Bay

Boulder Creek Resort Overview

Boulder Creek Resort in Big Bear Lake

Boulder Creek Resort

The Boulder Creek Resort is located in the Boulder Bay area, near the lake at 760 Blue Jay Road, Big Bear Lake, California 92315. Another name the property goes by is Boulder Bay Condos and Blue Jay Condos. There are fifty properties within the condo complex that range from chalets to luxury condos and were built in the year 1980.

Condos numbered #1 – #25 have ground views while condo #25 – #50 have lake views. Each condo is able to be used as two units, meaning one can be rented out and the another can be a full-time residence. The front door opens up into a hallway that has two doors; one leads into a studio apartment and the other is the main unit. The Blue Jay Condos could be a great investment for an owner that wants to live in their property while also making a profit! Owners can also use the property as one full unit with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

  • Located near the Castle Rock hiking trail.
  • Close proximity to Boulder Bay Park.
  • Beautiful lake and mountain views.
  • Free private parking for owners and their guests.
  • Depending on the owner, there are some pet-friendly condos.

Boulder Creek Resort’s Owner

    • Holloway’s Marina and RV Park
  • Email:
  • Phone: (909) 866-5706
  • Address: 398 Edgemoor Road, Big Bear Lake, California, 92315
    • Homeowner’s Association: Boulder Bay Homeowners Association
  • Phone: (909) ???-????
  • Email:
  • Address: 760 Blue Jay Road, Big Bear Lake, California, 92315
Boulder Creek Condos in Big Bear Lake

Boulder Bay Condos

Boulder Bay Homeowners Association

The entire condo complex is under the Boulder Bay Homeowners Association. Owners have to pay dues, but their tenants don’t. At the time of writing this (December 2018), HOA fees were monthly at $280. As of January 1st, 2019, the HOAs fees will go up to $300 monthly. Payments for the HOA are made out to Hafen Enterprises and sent to P. O. Box 92, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315. Loren Hafen is the property manager of the HOA.

Everyone has to follow the rules set by the association, including the tenants. Anything visible to the outside falls under the rules and has to follow the guidelines. Under the Boulder Bay Homeowners Association, owners have to get permits to alter the building inside. Owners only own the airspace and not the actual building, which is why they can’t change the inside unless they have permission.

Rules and Regulations

1. The pool and spa are open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. All signs posted shall be obeyed including “no glass allowed within the pool and spa area.” Small children are not allowed to be in the spa at any time. A capable and responsible adult must accompany all children at all times. Owners and/or tenants must accompany their guest at all times. Without prior authorization, day guests are limited to no more than 4 persons, including children, anywhere in the common area. Pool/spa furniture is to remain inside the pool/spa area. The gate to the pool/spa area is to remain closed and locked at all times. Keys are issued to owners and tenants through the office.

2. No vehicle shall be left parked in parking area for more than 48 hours. Storage of trailers, boasts, or any vehicle is prohibited. Parking spaces are unassigned and number two (2) per unit. Vehicles shall not park in the fire lanes, no parking zones, or in the landscaping areas (especially the lawn).

3. Repairing or working on vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. is prohibited. This includes oil changes and minor maintenance.

4. Owners, tenants, or their guests shall not create nuisances including excessive noise, or prohibit other owners, tenants, or guest from using any of the common area facilities.

5. Owners and tenants are responsible for cleaning up their trash (or their guests’ trash) from any and all locations in the common area.

6. Animals and/or pets shall be kept inside the owners’ or tenants’ unit. Animals and/or pets shall be controlled and accompanied by their owner while in the common area. Leash laws and noise (barking) laws shall be enforced. Pet owners shall clean up after their pets immediately.

7. Balconies shall be kept clean of all clothing, towels, bicycles, and any other items not suited for display outside in the common area views. Personal items are not to be stored anywhere in the common area. Firewood stored on the balconies shall be neat and covered with earth tone covers.

8. No signs of any type shall be displayed or placed on, or in, any unit without prior approval. Request forms, specific sign dimensions, and designs are available in the office for those owners wishing to sell or rent their unit. Window coverings shall be of an approved type and color (newspaper or aluminum foil are not allowed).

9. Charocal BBQ’a are not allowed. Propane and natural gas BBQ’s only.


Pool and Spa:

Boulder Creek Resort's Pool and Spa

Boulder Bay Condo’s Pool and Spa

The pool and spa are available to owners and tenants only. For the days that the lake is crowded, residents are able to come back to their private pool and enjoy the water without the crowds! No outside parties are allowed to use the pool or spa, and there is no public parking. Be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty.

Boulder Bay Condo’s Schools

  • Big Bear Middle School
    • (Grades 7-8 )
    • 41275 Big Bear Blvd. / PO Box 1607
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • Phone: (909) 866-4634
  • Big Bear High School
    • (Grades 9-12 )
    • 351 Maple Lane / PO Box 1708
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • Phone: (909) 585-6892
  • Chautauqua High School (Continuation)
    • (Grades 9-12)
    • 525 Maple Lane / PO Box 1815
    • Sugarloaf, CA / Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • Phone: (909) 585-2521

Boulder Bay Condo’s Utilities

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