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Many of the homes in Whispering Forest back to National Forest.

Whispering Forest real estate was in very high demand when it first began to be developed and is even more so now. Many of the properties have a backdrop view of the mountains and ski slopes of the Big Bear Valley. That creates beautiful views of the sun setting behind the mountainside, gifting residents with the Big Bear “feeling” as the sun disappears behind the tall trees of Big Bear.

A gentle slope of the national forest borders this area to the north and gives it a mountain forest atmosphere. The south end is flat. Some streets stray towards the windy side, giving off the feeling of a hillside paradise. A major advantage for owner’s of Whispering Forest real estate is the fact that it faces south, meaning the sun hits the streets to help melt the snow faster. Whispering Forest is an established neighborhood with many full-time residents with a friendly small town feel.

Many homes in Whispering Forest have been built to suit the upslope landscape, providing better views as well. Depending on the owner, some yards are landscaped while others embrace the national forest atmosphere.

  • National Forest nearby
  • Sunny side of the valley
  • Mountain feel with only gentle slopes
  • Views of mountains and ski resorts across the valley
  • Views of Gold Mountain to the north

Whispering Forest is mostly full-time residents with vacation rentals mixed into the bunch. The location is close to Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City’s businesses. Making it perfect for full-time residents who want to be near the action while still embracing the mountain atmosphere of the Big Bear Valley. Whispering Forest real estate comes in many different aspects, ranging from cabins to custom built homes.

Whisper Forest Natural Surroundings

The seasonal waterway/gully running to the west serves wildlife seeking a path to the lake. The San Bernardino National Forest borders on the west and north and Gold Mountain sits to the northeast. Jeffrey pine and juniper trees provide shade and natural habitats throughout the area of Whispering Forest.

The east end of the Stanfield Marsh Bird Sanctuary (Baker Pond) runs along Division, a short distance to the southeast. The sanctuary has ducks, coots, and shorebirds, such as the Great Blue Heron, year-round, as well as large groups of white pelicans, Canada geese and other migrating birds that make Big Bear Lake a stopover between their northern nesting areas and the Salton Sea during the spring and fall. Whispering Forest is also a great place to see turkey vultures, sometimes in large flocks, as well as bald eagles.

Whispering Forest Home Facts

  • Mid-sized homes with good-sized yards
  • Established area with medium-aged homes

Whispering Forest Activites

Real Estate in Whispering Forest, Big Bear CA

Observation Boardwalk over Baker Pond

  • Statewide storage (sometimes has auctions of contents)
  • Attend any of the many expos and events at the Convention Center
  • Minutes away from the slopes
  • Farmer’s Market at the Convention Center—Tuesday mornings April-October
  • Stanfield Marsh and Bird Sanctuary (Baker Pond)—along Division, just to the southwest

The Convention Center includes many different activities, bringing entertainment and fun throughout the seasons. During Summer, the Big Bear Farmer’s Market comes to town with different produce and crafts for sale. Whispering Forest is a short drive from the Convention Center, giving residents a perfect distance from the crowds but near the excitement.

Whispering Forest Utilities

A couple of streets on the west end have water service from:

Whispering Forest Schools

  • Big Bear Middle School
    • (Grades 7-8 )
    • 41275 Big Bear Blvd. / PO Box 1607
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 866-4634
  • Big Bear High School
    • (Grades 9-12 )
    • 351 Maple Lane / PO Box 1708
    • Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-6892
  • Chautauqua High School (Continuation)
    • (Grades 9-12)
    • 525 Maple Lane / PO Box 1815
    • Sugarloaf, CA / Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    • TEL: (909) 585-2521
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